Society lacks many things. Solitude and respectable mainstream music is one of them. On April 24th at Terminal 5 New York, New York George Ezra proved he was the exception.

Mainstream music is usually generic, unimaginative and unoriginal. But some artists such as George Ezra aren’t so bad.

More popular in Europe than in the states he creates music that maybe isn’t the most complex and innovative but simple and happy. No auto tune. Self-written. He is a young well-traveled guy that gives hope to that fact that maybe chivalry isn’t dead.

Creator of his own music which is more than what the most famous of musicians out there can say he’s able to craft songs that are light but have a little more lyrical depth unlike some of his peers.

Watching his interviews and hearing what he had to say live my personal opinion is that his maturity and care free attitude has to do with he is well travelled. Traveling has positive effects but he has done a lot of it by himself. And there is a quiet beauty about that.

There is always this negative aspect that gets associated with being alone. As if it’s some depravity but really it’s our inability to be comfortable in our loneliness that’s desolate. Constantly having to be in the presence of other people instead of just being able to experience something on our own.

So I made the choice to attend the concert on my own and standing there solo observing the amount of people standing there mid conversation with friends eyes on their phone I fell in love with my solitude that much more.

I realized the true freedom exists only when we can be satisfied with loneliness. So we as might as well embrace it. Not be scared of it because the more we cling to each other we over analyze, gossip and compare eventually resenting, blaming outward circumstances on one another and spiral ourselves into a depression that we heal with more scrutiny, malice and spite.

We think others need to change or the world needs to change. When we think about changing the world we often think on a grander scale. Changing our government’s policies. Joining a nonprofit. Charities. But maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe it starts with going to a concert alone. Maybe instead of dinner with friends a lone trip to a museum. Instead of another date just sitting at home. Maybe we need more moments in solitary.

Maybe it starts with supporting people like George Ezra who are genuinely happy and transmit that happiness through their art. Spawning joy and pleasure giving hope that good does still exist we’re just looking for it in the wrong places.